Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am Neglectful

I can't even remember the last time I updated this. I feel like Jimmy Carter was in office, and the world was a simpler place in that even the carbohydrates were less complex than they are now. The fact is: I got an iPhone, and immediately commenced ignoring every other thing in the world, including but not limited to my children. I started texting furiously (sending a text on my old phone was similar to using the Pony Express.) Since I don't know many people who text (my husband still relies on these guys) I have mainly been texting my parents and our babysitters, who disconcertingly text me back while they're in school. Pay attention in class, kids. My parents also (sparingly) text me back things like, "I hope you have unlimited texting" and "I think they're going to do a segment on 60 Minutes about annoying texting this week." (This only encourages me, and they should know that from raising me.)

Anyway, so my phone and I. It's a thing. It's a thing that's on hiatus, though, because my phone is currently on a business trip with my husband and his horror show of a phone is home with me, offending the inside of my purse with its downmarketness. My purse is all, really? The only game you have available is actually called "Default Game"? Like my purse should talk, being all full of rumpled receipts and a dried out packets of wipes. Alas.

In other news, it has been cold, and snowy and also COLD. I've been averaging maybe one and a half runs a week, and while I have been accumulating bonus points for running on unshoveled sidewalks and patches of ice, I haven't been logging the miles. While technically I belong to a gym, where technically there are treadmills, I so vastly prefer to run outdoors and it's hard to drag myself there if there's even a possibility that I can go outside and run in the middle of the road since there's no shoulder anymore and get sprayed with slush. Right? Ha.

BUT since I signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon (WHOOP) I need to get my butt in gear, or at least not let the bike chain fall completely off. I want to smoke my time from last year.Chicago is probably somewhat sensitive about fire, though, so maybe I'll keep that figurative while there.