Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In the Thicke of it

YOU GUYS, my radio keeps saying stuff like, "The tenth caller will receive an invite to a roof top pool party with Robin Thicke! Whooo!" or whatever and my brain goes right ahead and autocorrects Robin to Alan and then do you know what my brain does? It immediately has me being the tenth caller (even though I do not know what station I am listening to, or what the phone number would be, and also I am driving and couldn't find my phone this morning but NONE OF THIS MATTERS) and then I am at a party where Alan Thicke and I are riding the train from Silver Spoons (nowhere near the roof edge, don't worry) and talking about how weird Kirk Cameron got. It could happen.

That is me in the green, there. (Okay, not really.)

I am totally aware that Growing Pains and Silver Spoons are two entirely different shows, but in my mind, all 80s TV is interchangeable to an extent. They are at least neighbors. They are each other's kids' emergency contact, even if they are third tier, after grandparents who live out of state.

My brain is awesome at making big, amazing leaps like that. Also, I don't know who Robin Thicke is, which helps. I stopped absorbing new information about celebrities in 1997. On February 21st, approximately.
Also exciting is that we started watching Under the Dome and even though we are only done with the first episode, I am super concerned re: the absence of Pauly Shore. At the absolute very least, he and Carla Guigino should be standing in the background of a shot, tending to some cows or whatever. That was some serious hilarious opportunity wasted, and I do not respect that. There was a chance for some Under the (Bio-)Dome and they didn't go for it. I feel like following the decision makers around and yelling "Boooo!!" like that old lady who publicly shamed Buttercup in The Princess Bride. She knew what was up.

I did very much enjoy that they employed a Steve Baldwin as a minor character (Resident/ Rough Patron.) For one very happy minute IMDBing, I thought it was the Baldwin of BioDome and I was all Fist Pump! but, no. Still good, though. Maybe I'll shelve the Boo-ing.