Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I came, I saw, I candied.

Man. So I have had some really poor ideas lately about what would be a good idea to consume. Say, folks, it's lunch time, I think to myself. Then I wake up an hour later surrounded by candy wrappers and with a sincere, non-joke-style headache. Wow, I think. That was a bad idea. Let's not do that again. Fast forward a half hour, suddenly feel fine, decide to have snack. Repeat previous action.

This has been going on for 3 days. It's a bad scene.

Today is also election day, and I'm afraid we're going to Pick Flick.

Actually, what I'm really afraid of is this:

But, frankly, while I'll be glad to see the back of the constant political ads, I'm going to miss the Governor's race coverage in the Boston Globe. It generally goes like this:

"Democratic candidate Deval Patrick spoke about blah blah blah at blah diner in Wakefield. Blah blah blah Deval blah blah. Republican Charlie Baker's staff handed out M&Ms and talked to children who were opposed to the taxes on candy. Blah blah blah Patrick, blah blah blah Baker. Many many paragraphs blah."

Then, near the end of the article, always, "Green Rainbow candidate Jill Stein spent the morning tending her herd of unicorns." Not exactly, it was "attended the Boston Vegetarian Festival in JP" or a pot rally, but still, it was pretty awesome. I almost, ALMOST wanted to vote for her so that Massachusetts could be run inside a Joan Aiken Armitage Story. SIGH I love Joan Aiken.

Anyway, my candy consumption is a total downward spiral of terribleness and it's got to stop. We only have crap left anyway, so you would think I'd stop automatically, but not necessarily. Erf.

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