Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week One of Half Marathon Training: Done


Actually, I ran a bit less this week than I do in an average week (the new average, as opposed to the old average where I ran zero in a normal month), but I stuck to the schedule. I think I may have even skipped a mile due to jogging stroller tag alongs since I was solo in house parent while my better, more bearded half was on a business trip. I almost didn't get my scheduled long run in today, but then I went screeching out the door as soon as bedtime stories were read and somehow managed to run exactly 4.0009 miles without mapping it beforehand or really having any clue at all where I was going.

Big thanks to everyone who's donated to the CIGNA Falmouth road race (which I think I've mentioned, and possibly shout out while sleeping fitfully, is 7.1 miles) fundraiser, and who said nice things about my last, therapeutic blog entry about why I'm running. You are all what I believe the kids these days refer to as "the bomb"? Or similar exploding thing. There's still plenty of time to donate!

Oh, by the way, adding to the list of things that make me run faster: Skunks. Zoinks. I think I set a PR for the next half mile. Ah, one of the risks for dusk runs. Good times. We should have them point one at us at every mile marker in Falmouth. Personal records for everyone!

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