Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's good to have goals. (I mistyped that as "foals" first, which I think is good, also. In context.)

My husband travels sometimes, and when he does, I'm a "single mom." You know, the kind of single mom who enjoys the 100% financial support and mental support via telephone but has to put the kids to bed on her own. So basically, it's no big deal at all, with the only snag being that the kids miss him and there isn't a responsible adult to be found in the whole house. (For example, I always stay up until way, way too late doing nothing or, worse, watching a movie that gives me a hangover. Not, say, The Hangover but something more like The Ugly Truth. Ugh.) In general, he saves me from myself and has been doing so for 13ish years. Bless him.

When he's away, the morning he leaves, I always set (hilariously) lofty goals for myself. This week's was something like, "Paint the bathroom! Build the basement shelves! Oh! Finally get rid of that crib! Organize his comic books by color and create an index for them!!! He'll be so excited!" and then becomes "Find top of kitchen table. Don't wash his iPod." So far I've done the second one of list two. Things are going well. I'm on my way to #1, too! He'll be so pleased.

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