Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I say "accomplishments" up there in the title with a jaunty and excited exclamation point, you are thinking, "Whoa! This Tracy Anderson Metamorphasis junk works, huh?" Well, not really. What I mean by "accomplishments!" is that I remembered to out on pants before I walked the kids to school this morning and then I mowed the lawn for the first time since the time I ran over and underground wasp nest and then ended up with one hundred wasps having a violent argument inside my shorts.

But, yeah, Metamorphasis. I haven't turned into vermin and been abandoned by my family yet. What actually has happened so far is that I have gotten atrociously bored and disillusioned with the whole thing and also managed to have a multi-day migraine that kind of punched any ideas of working out in the face. Plus it is the end of the school year for my kids, which means my short daily window of not having children watching and judging my every move is nearly over, and episodes of Wallander on Netflix are not going to watch themselves. So I am sort of on a break from it. I will probably restart soon, because I kind of miss eating double digit puréed apples every other week.

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