Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bitterness, with just a hint of feet.

So, in a fit of deciding to be a healthier person aided and abetted by Amazon Prime, I am now the owner of a ton of sun dried Goji berries. Here is the thing, though: They taste like bitterness, with a hint of feet. (I am assuming. I have never eaten feet.) The tag line on the back of the package says, jauntily, "Eating your way to health!" It sounds like a threat. There are a lot of them left. 16 ounces is a lot when they are dried so throughly as to be almost weightless.

Hey, but that's okay, because do you know what week it is? Body Reset Week! Also known as Subsist on Air and Hardboiled Eggs! So, actually, I'm not supposed to be eating them anyway. But I am sort of ignoring the air part of the diet and eating additional food so I don't, you know, keel over. The workouts are going fine. They're not hard, they're just weird and the sort of thing that I really hope no one ever witnesses me doing because I am afraid they would harm themselves with laughter and the resultant pulled muscles. I do not want that on my conscience.

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