Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay, so I am apparently up for anything exercise-wise lately, like learning I can run has made me fearless. Perhaps this is a fallacy, because on Wednesday I got the idea (fueled by my friend Linda suggesting, repeatedly, that I join her) to try Bikram yoga. Bikram, if you're not familiar with it, is yoga done in a room that's at least 100 degrees and (I think?) 40% humidity. The room is ALSO full of extremely sweaty people, and, I learned, guys wearing Speedos. So that was exciting. But! It was fun and I felt great afterward and I'll be going back. My run the morning after was spectacular.

The place I went, Bikram Yoga Nashua, does a first class special where, for the 10$ fee, you get unlimited classes for 10 days. This is waaaaaay cheaper than their normal rates (15$ per class or 10 classes for 110$) so I'm going to try to squeeze in as many as I can while I'm still in the intro period. I may even give up tomorrow's sleep in to go! Shocking.

In other news, my big deal fundraising race approaches at an alarming clip. I got an email with the runner info and man, this thing is run with military precision and security measures. I knew that the Falmouth Road Race was a pretty big deal, but I didn't know it was this big a deal. I am NOT a big deal and will probably finish the race in traffic after they reopen the roads. I will not be passing any of the Kenyans. Unless maybe one of them only has one leg? Probably not even then.

I ran three and a half eh miles in the rain tonight. I just wasn't feeling it. I pretty much shot out the door like someone launched me out of a cannon, though. My little angels had me hearing myself saying, "Don't lick your brother" in public. Repeatedly. And then leaving Costco at a fast, loud clip. Ha. Avert your eyes, fellow Earth dwellers.

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