Saturday, July 3, 2010

Confessions of an Epic Spaz

So. I sort of walked right into a door on Tuesday. Hilariously, I had just checked my email and discovered that I'd passed my fund raising goal and was headed to the phone to call my husband and make him not work for a few minutes while I peppered him with excited exclamatory statements, which he would feign excitement about while making yakkity-yack explanatory hand gestures at his co-workers so they'd know it was me calling. But, between the computer and the phone I met my nemesis: a partially open door. So I spastically walked right into it, making a normal step into a toe-killing, Street Fighter-style Chun-Li "Ya Ta!" sort of situation, except without the exuberance and triumph, and with vision going black and lots of bad words floating around in head instead.

A visit to the doctor at least revealed that it wasn't broken, but I was instructed to rest it through the weekend. So my first bit back on the pavement will be the Chelmsford 4th of July (which will take place on the 5th of July this year) 2 mile road race. I'm itching about all the training I'm missing, it's all snowballing in my head and I'll end up with this giant mass of mileage to make up (4 miles, 4 miles, 2 miles, 40 minutes of cross training, rest day [check], 6 miles!) Ack!

In other, pre-door smash news, I ran the Gate City Striders Summer Trail Series 5K on Monday night and it was great. The weather was hot soup, but the trail was shady and leafy and nice, and the volunteers were great and my friend Debbie was there for company (though she gazelled the 5 miles so we didn't run together.) My time was eh (32:18) but in that weather, and the first time on the course (I would have sped it up at the end if I'd known I was almost there!) I'll take it for sure. And I will definitely be back, Monday nights at 6:30 through the summer.

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