Monday, July 12, 2010

PR Territory

So! I have now entered the phase of my training where I'll have a personal record (PR, not just Puerto Rico or public relations for me anymore) pretty much every week. This week, I was supposed to run 5 miles on Sunday but I sort of spazzed out that the weather was cool enough to move at all that I ran 6 instead. Drunk on dew point power, I guess. It was amazingly easier than I expected (I somehow love runs that are more than 4 miles and tend to blah through shorter ones, unless they're REALLY short, like across the back yard.) though I did get lost and the restart from the stop to get directions was rough. I got passed zooooomstyle by someone in multiple knee braces around mile 4. Ha. But then I picked it up later and flew through mile 5, which counts for something.

Ironically, running this race as part of a team that fundraises for Melanoma research, I am spending WAY more time outside in the sun than I normally would during any given summer. I usually eschew the sun as much as possible due to extreme paleness and fear of death. But this has been forcing me outdoors (I have no treadmill) and even with layer upon layer of sunscreen, I miss spots or sweat it off or whatever and end up a bit redder (not horribly so, but skin that would horrify a devoted goth) which fills me with a vague sense of impending doom. I guess my plan is to go earlier and earlier and earlier as the runs get longer and longer, so I'm not in direct sunlight. We'll see how this goes. Getting up early is not a skill of mine so far. 5 months ago, though, neither was running.

Which brings me to my tally! I've logged 180 miles since I started. This leaves 20 to go until my next scheduled donut. These every 50 miles donuts run the risk of being highly built up and therefore eh, BUT! Top Donut in Lowell is up to the challenge, I am sure of it.

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