Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hills

I decided to enter the world of hill repeats (run up hill. Run down hill. Do again. Repeat as needed.) yesterday. It was semi-awesome, with an 80% chance of me wanting to collapse. I sailed out the door, saying breezily to my husband, "I figure I'll do it 5 times or so, see you in a bit." WELL. Was not aware that the hill I chose was a half mile, pretty much straight up. I managed twice, and would have done a third (erf, but possible), but had to get home in time to herd the offspring to church. Alas! I will just do it again later.

In other running news, I signed up for a couple of races recently: The Lowell 1st Run (Jan 1!), the Hyannis 10K (Feb 27th), and am kicking around some possible 5Ks but haven't pushed the proverbial submit button yet. My credit card is currently hot to the touch from overuse (new running shoes, a ton of Groupons I may not actually use, my youngest's birthday, and Etsy. OH, ETSY. You pain me.) To my credit card, I offer this small comfort: At least we live almost an hour from IKEA. (And I can't break my "no more until it's all assembled and in use" rule, and those new curtains are still folded, sobbing quietly in my closet.)

So, with regard to embarrassing stories, I believe I will go ahead and make them a weekly feature. I have a large arsenal, so while I'm not worried about running out (I wish), I would like to treat these stories with the respect and care that they deserve. I am Gollum and these stories are My Precious. Thursdays will be Story Time. Be here or don't be uncomfortable for me.

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