Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, hi!

Look! I've been neglecting my blog with the same enthusiasm that I've been neglecting my running! That's exciting. I like symmetry.

But! I believe that my running is ramping back up to on track. Observe:

1) I went for a run the past two days in a row. On purpose!

2) I've been talking to myself (common, non-alarming) about some big races. And when I say big I mean "all of your toenails will fall off." Or mine. Yours will only fall off if you do it.

3) I have some new goals, and they're speed-oriented. Worrying about speed (in fact, paying attention to it at all) is a whole new frontier for me. I don't think this will be as motivating as fear (ah, the fear of a huge distance race hanging over me, there is really nothing like it to get me out the door, 5 miles away, and back, and not driving one or both ways) but it's fun to have goals. I'm shooting for a sub-30 5K (I have gotten SO CLOSE, as in seconds, but haven't cracked it yet) and then to run my next scheduled official race (as of now, Dec 19th, but I may get talked into something sooner) at less than 29 minutes. Whoop?

There was probably a number 4, but I forget it. It is possible that I'll remember it later. Unlikely, but possible.

PS my parents took some pictures of the half. If they email them to me, I'll post them. HI GUYS! Public thank you for watching the two young physicians on Saturday! (Next time I'll bring tranq darts.)

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