Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Really Simple

So I don't think that anything in Real Simple has actually ever simplified my life. I think it more makes me go, "Ohhhh, I should find my countertops." And then I go read a book. I find a more simple approach to stain removal (rather than, say, taking their MacGyver approach to a carpet stain and using an old wine cork to daub it or whatever) is to simply vacuum less and thus a fine layer of dirt will cover the more obvious stains. ET VOILA.

Anyway, so I have been getting my groove back, if my groove is defined by running more often than once a week. I've even gone three days in a row, for which I credit the fact that I've been reading this book before bed every night (and being like, "Yes!" (pause) "Exactly!" about every 5 paragraphs.) AND all of my ladiez who ran the Bay State half marathon this weekend. Y'alls looked awesome in your mylar capes AND your times were all spectacular. I was especially impressed with one sub-2 hour mark lady whom I will not name (but you know who you are, Jess.) (Oops.) and just the all around joy flowing out of the Facebook updates and dailymile posts. Whoop!

Who knew, 6 months ago, that this would become the new normal to me? That instead of, "Ugh, 13.1 miles? Not in a car, preferably driven by someone else? You are all, ALL crazy." my reaction would be more along the lines of wishing we hadn't been out of town the weekend of the race so I could have run it, too. What now? (Also I'm a smidge jealous re: the finishers medals, since my half was practically dismantling the finish line when I crossed it. And ran out of food! Dammit, people, I earned that hot dog or banana or ANYTHING.) Alas. Lesson learned: Run for swag (or be faster to get a banana next year.)

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) I ran two days later and only a very slow pace, and 1 and 1/2 miles. :) After my two full marathons I was so stiff and sore for so long that I would end up not running much all winter and losing everything. So, I'm trying to keep it up, when the weather's nice, to go out! :) I get frustrated with myself in the spring when I'm so out of shape again and have to start over. Congrats on your first half marathon!! :))