Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terminator: Possibly originates in my playlist?

The other day, on a random 5ish mile run, my iPod (well. My husband's, which I bought him for his birthday and promptly appropriated for myself, but he found his Shuffle that I was replacing (which was replacing an identical Shuffle which he'd chucked in the wash (which wasn't even dirty))) was KILLING it. I had a newish playlist set to random (or, more accurately, shuffle, but how many times have I just said "shuffle" in a row? A lot of times, that's how many.) because I wasn't sure about some of the songs and how they'd fall in the beats per minute, happy feet making needs of a run. WELL. My iPod stepped in and spat out the most perfect playlist order for that particular run in all the land. About to go up a hill that looks horrible? Well, perhaps you would enjoy this uptempo ditty which you haven't heard in months and which is the perfect tool for making you forget that you might crumple into a heap at any second. This went on, and on, and on.

I feel like the next step is, obviously, my iPod coming alive and killing me (or at least making an attempt) in my sleep. Stay tuned for that update. (My husband has my login info in case it's successful.)

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